Our Mission

The mission of Omega Situation Based Training (SBT) is to help every law-abiding United States resident, regardless of age, gender or physical capability to:

  •         Feel and be safe — in their home, at work and on the streets
  •         Be able to defend themselves

Many people have trained by shooting a gun at paper targets, punching holes and feeling good about themselves.  The problem with that kind of training is that paper targets never shoot back.
Force-on-force situation based training is the only activity that permits you to actually be in a gunfight with real consequences.  Getting hit by a marker round is uncomfortable, but certainly less uncomfortable than being shot with live ammunition.  We use special handguns and marker ammunition to test level of your training and to refine your survival mindset, philosophies and skills.
Likely for the first time you will experience someone attempting to “kill” you.
You will learn what your current training levels and beliefs are and if they are sufficient to protect yourself and loved ones.  You’ll find out if you can respond well enough to keep an attacker from harming you.

This training is not sport.  In the real world, you can’t throw in the towel if things aren’t going well — losing isn’t an option!

This is the objective of this training – to provide you with the experience of having been in situations that could happen to any law abiding gun owner at home, place of work, or in public areas.

 Our training philosophy is simple: Training must be FUNCTIONAL to be of value. If the training cannot be immediately applied or if it is too complicated, that training is ineffective and will be of little value when needed. Functionality within a hostile environment is a direct result of effective, efficient, and practical training preparing a responsible citizen to lawfully overcome threat and to defend against any assault.